Awards Presented at Senior Honors Convocation

Episcopal held Senior Honors Convocation for the Class of 2019 on Friday, May 17. The following awards were presented to seniors:

Scholarship Awards

Parents’ Association Service Scholarship: The PAS Scholarship is awarded to recognize exemplary community service. The Parents’ Association provides a grant for the scholarship.
Anna Shepherd and Xander Magevney
Yvonne L. and Monique M. Grand Award: The Yvonne and Monique Grand Scholarship Fund is given in honor of Yvonne and Mokie Grand. It recognizes a strong academic record and significant contribution to the school and the community.
Olivia Kato
Guardian Award: Seniors nominate an Episcopal faculty member who has been “a guardian” for them and has helped them understand the importance of being guardians for others.
Amaria Simmons and Ms. Jenny Rankin



Margaret Winters Buck Christian Service Award: This award is presented to a senior whose actions on behalf
of others are so outstanding as to warrant special recognition.

Jillian Griffin

Sarah Towers Van Cleve Honor Code Award: This award recognizes a senior who has made the most significant contribution to the honor system and who best exemplifies the characteristics on which honor is based.

Margaret Commander

Alumni Association Leadership Award: This award is given to a senior who has demonstrated outstanding leadership ability.

Alexander Magevney

The Episcopal School of Jacksonville Foundation Award for Excellence of Character: This award recognizes a senior whose life exemplifies integrity, honor, loving concern for others and all other virtues for which the school stands.

Sarah McCawley

Board of Trustees Awards for Outstanding Seniors: These awards recognize one female senior and one male senior who have made outstanding contributions to every aspect of school life: academic, fine arts, athletic, character, service, and honor.

Nathaniel King and Lillie Tritt

Board of Regents Award of Merit: This award is presented to a senior who has demonstrated superior scholarship, exemplary leadership, and Christian

Wilton Kohla

Dorion Award: This award is given to a senior who has shown tenacity and perseverance to excel.

Christopher Carney

Department Honors

Honors in Communications: Taryn Peterson

Honors in Computer Science: Stuart Bodin

Honors in Theology: Wilton Kohla

Honors in Visual Arts: Lillie Tritt

Honors in English: Connor Murphy

Honors in Performing Arts: Jacob Moorehead

Dr. Arthur F. Peterson Award Honors in History: John Barksdale

Edward McCarthy Award Honors in Mathematics: Nathaniel King

Honors in Physical Education: Stefan Zec-Bobek

Edward McCarthy Award Honors in Science: Nathaniel King

Joseph A. Hauber Award Honors in World Languages: Wilton Kohla