Senior Athletic Banquet and Awards

This past Sunday at the Senior Athletic Banquet, the Athletic Department presented the annual athletic awards traditionally bestowed upon seniors. The awards presented were the Peter Ober Sportsmanship Award, The Athlete-Scholar Award, Best Athlete in a Single Sport, and the Best All-Around Athlete. Boosters, which hosted the banquet, also presented the Senior Choice Award, JT Townsend Tenacity Award, and Spirit Awards.

Peter Ober Sportsmanship Award

Leah Williams

Kiefer Washburn

Athlete-Scholar Award

Taryn Peterson

Nathaniel King

Athlete in a Single Sport

Caroline Johnston

Cole Crane

Best All-Around Athlete

Stela Chepenik

Mike Hodges


Boosters Awards

Senior Choice Award

Martin Zubero

JT Townsend Tenacity Award

Ben Ketchum

Booster Spirit Award

Marco McGowan

Jackson Ravis

Samuel King