Timothy Award Presented to Carolyn Tuttle '03

Carolyn Tuttle ’03, Director of Choral Music, was named the 2019 recipient of Episcopal’s Timothy Award in Chapel today.

“Carolyn truly has a servant’s heart,” said The Rev. Teresa Seagle, School Chaplain. “She leads her students to use their gifts and talents for the sake of others. When someone is in need, she is the first to respond, not only feeling empathy and compassion but then taking action to love and care for the person. Carolyn models a life of service for her students to emulate.”

The Timothy Award is presented annually to an Episcopal School of Jacksonville teacher who exemplifies the ideal of Christian service to students and to the community. The Timothy Award recognizes the service of the individual and the importance of a vital Christian faith in the daily life of Episcopal School of Jacksonville. Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care. (1Tim 6:20a) This award is presented in loving memory of T.S. Roberts, Jr. and given by his family.