Episcopal Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

Episcopal welcomes 13 new faculty members and five new staff members to campus this year. In addition, several returning faculty and staff will hold new positions at ESJ. New faculty and staff were on campus last Friday for training and orientation activities.


Dawn Adams - Dance Director
B.A. Performing Arts - St Mary's of California
M.F.A. Dance - Hollins University

Christopher Dell - Associate Chaplain - Middle School Bible
B.A. Religious Studies - Stetson University
M. Div. - University of the South

Jordan Smith - Middle School PE
B.S. Business Administration - Presbyterian College
(Fifth year coaching lacrosse at Episcopal)

Kim Strong - Middle School Science
B.A. Education - Flagler College

Justin Weise - Middle School History
B.A. History - University of Florida

Allyssa George - Middle School English
B.A. Education - University of North Florida

Kacey Johnston - Middle School English
B.A. - University of North Florida
M.A. Education - Old Dominion University

Keelen Henson - Middle School History
B.A. Social Science Education - University of Central Florida

Charles Howard - History & Art History

Jefferson Brant - Upper School History
B.A. - University of Memphis
M.A. - University of Memphis
Independent School Leadership Certificate - Johns Hopkins University

Scott Givonetti - Computer Science
M.A. Literature - FAU
Certified Technology and English

Derrick King - Upper School English
B.A. - Missouri State University
M.A. - Missouri State University
Ph.D. English - University of Florida

Cristi Skeels '91 - Spanish
B.A. History - Stetson University
M.A. Education - Jacksonville University
(Taught at Episcopal 1999-2006)


Rachel Calve - Housekeeping Staff
Belinda Hess - Director of Special Events
Dalton Johnson - Maintenance Staff
Ken Lewis - Computer Support Technician
Michaela Shoup - Accounts Payable

Additional Changes and Responsibilities for 2019-2020

Val Bow '79 - Freshman Seminar
Chad Senesac - Freshman Seminar
Debbie Deppe - 6th Grade
Mark Zimmerman - Visual Arts Department Chair
Natalie Herford - Chair of Curriculum Committee
Kim DeLong - Human Resources Coordinator
Wanda Madrigal - B&G Administrative Assistant
Daniel Myers - Housekeeping Supervisor
Jennifer Windley - Fine Arts Operations Manager