Fine Arts Theme 2019-2020 – Timeless

A note from the Director of Fine Arts

Most things in life are fleeting. We all know this and we experience it everyday. Developments or events that are significant in the moment but hardly memorable in the future. In fashion, bell bottoms were fleeting, but the little black dress? Timeless. In technology the palm pilot (yes, I had one) was fleeting, but global connectivity? Timeless. In education, slide rulers were fleeting. Critical thinking? Timeless. You get the point. This year in the Fine Arts our theme is TIMELESS.

There are some things that simply stand the test of time. Songs from different decades that today’s children still know. Old and young alike stand and marvel at the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum. Generations of theatre goers have flocked to varied interpretations of Shakespeare’s plays on every continent.

Our musical this year is Chicago, the newly released high school version of the truly timeless Kander and Ebb musical with choreography by Bob Fosse, an enduring legend in dance. Our middle school play will explore work by Anton Chekov, one of the most influential writers of the modern era. The choral music spring concert will explore lasting songs from various decades in history. An art show focused on photography taken by our students on the summer trip to Italy in the enduring and beautiful city of Venice opens in the Berg gallery in November, and our annual dance concert is titled “In Its Time.” These are only some of our many concerts, performances and gallery exhibitions throughout the year. We will end our school year with Eagle Arts Camp in June as we take a “Journey Through Time” and remember what really matters. 

Throughout this and every year, we seek to turn our attention to those things that stand the test of time, including the development of creative people who see the world as beautiful, full of potential, and ready for their gifts. We don’t simply desire to turn students into professional artists, although that sometimes happens. Rather, we seek to provide them with a different lens through which to view themselves and their reality. The creative impulse is by definition timeless. We were made by our Creator, to create. In fact, that is what happened at the very beginning of time itself, a force of creativity so powerful as to spin light into darkness and breath into being. He is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the very definition of timelessness.

And truly, the arts are timeless. What we teach in our classes has existed throughout history as every generation of people discovers the power and beauty of artistic expression.

May you have a truly unforgettable and beautiful school year,

Katie Black
Director Of Fine Arts