Global Learning Programs Offer Opportunities for All

ESJ’s Institute of Global Learning will be offering five wonderful, life-changing experiences this summer for students, and one for the entire Episcopal community. 

For those students interested in traveling to Europe, the Spanish Exchange and Romans & Britain trip are both being offered in June. The Spanish Exchange travels to Zaragoza and Barcelona, Spain every two years. Students stay with a host family for two weeks, shadowing them at school and exploring the city of Zaragoza. After leaving Zaragoza, students and chaperones travel to Barcelona to see sights such as the Sagrada Familia. 

The Romans & Britain trip will spend ten days discovering Britain and its connection to prehistoric, Roman, Medieval, Shakespearean, and Imperial times. From Bath to Stratford-upon-Avon to London, students will see Roman amphitheaters and city walls, visit Shakespeare’s birthplace, watch a performance at the Royal Shakespeare Company, explore Stonehenge, and visit the British Museum, among others. 

There are two opportunities that offer a focus on serving others: Senegal Service and the San Diego Mission Trip. Students interested in adventuring to Africa and serving others should check out the Senegal Service & Cultural Appreciation trip. Students will spend 10 days in Senegal, working alongside the Senegalese people working on important community service projects. In the downtime between projects, students will explore different cities and areas of Senegal — including camel riding, sleeping in the desert, excavating salt at the Pink Lake, riding in horse carts, and discovering the history of Gorée Island. 

Students interested in traveling domestically and serving others with a Christian focus should think about the San Diego Mission Trip. The focus of this trip will be serving impoverished populations in the San Diego area. Students will examine issues around living near the U.S.-Mexico border. This trip will also include daily devotionals and worship experiences with other youth groups. These five programs each offer unique opportunities with different focuses for Episcopal students. 

Finally, students that are interested in traveling to the Middle East or earning a Theology 2 credit should look into the Holy Land Israel experience. This trip is multigenerational — all members of the Episcopal community are invited to attend — though students are welcome to go without any other family members. Travelers will study the life and times of Jesus in Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, and the Dead Sea, to name only a few. Theology 2 credit may be earned for those students that complete the required academic work before, during, and after the trip. Trip website

We invite everyone to reach out to the teachers leading these trips for more information in order to find the best fit for each student. Bon voyage! 

For more information specific to each program: 

Spanish Exchange

Mrs. Plaski [email protected]

Early/Mid June 2020

Romans & Britain

June 8-17, 2020

Dr. Schwei [email protected]

Holy Land: Israel

July 5-15, 2020

Katie Lebhar Black ’95 [email protected] or Mother Teresa [email protected] 

Senegal Service & Cultural Appreciation

Late May/Early June 2020

Ms. Wessling [email protected]

San Diego Mission Trip

June 14-21, 2020

Mother Teresa [email protected] 

For general information on Global Learning or our programs, please email [email protected]The deadline to apply for the Senegal Service trip, or the Romans and Britain, and the Spanish trip is October 25.