Health, Safety, and Well-Being Program 2019-2020

Protect Your Health” is Episcopal’s 2019-2020 Health, Safety, and Well-Being (HSW) theme. Programming will explore what it means and how students can protect their health and well-being.

ESJ’s first student Heath, Safety, and Well-Being (HSW) event of the 2019-2020 year focused on mental health and suicide prevention. Two guest speakers addressed students. Dr. Elise Fallucco, Chief, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, UF Health Department of Psychiatry, addressed Middle School students about anxiety, depression, and coping strategies that promote mental health. Dennis Gillan, mental health advocate and professional speaker, shared his personal message about the importance of suicide prevention and awareness with Upper School students. Mr. Gillan also held a parent session in the afternoon.


In addition, stationary bicycles were installed on ESJ’s Kirwan Flag Plaza so students, faculty, and staff could log miles to support Cycle Around the Globe. Faculty, staff, and students were encouraged to ride a few minutes each day as a way to tangibly connect to the need for suicide prevention and awareness around the world. Episcopal thanks Open Road Bicycles and Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida for providing the bicycles and installation. The ESJ community logged more than 400 miles in two days!