Julia Kagiliery '21 First ESJ Student Published in Science Journal

Junior Julia Kagiliery is in her second year Marion Zeiner’s science research class. During the spring semester last year Julia found a researcher at Texas Tech, Dr. David Weindorf, who helped her analyze her experimental samples and offered her the opportunity to work in his lab this past summer. Julia and Dr. Weindorf collected coal in North Dakota, ground it up, and analyzed the amount of sulfur in the samples using relatively simple instruments. With that data, they developed algorithms that are more efficient than present methods for determining the percentage of sulfur in coal.

This week, the paper they wrote about their work was published in the International Journal of Coal Geology, a major mining publication. Julia is listed as the first author on the article and she is the first Episcopal student to have her research published while still in high school. Dr. Weindorf will visit ESJ in February as a Global Community Day speaker. In addition to the publication of her article, Julia is being interviewed by Texas Tech, and by Olympus (the camera company that makes the technology she used). She also has been invited to attend and present at an X-ray convention in Austin, Texas.