Students Learn from Peers through "Eagles for Eagles" Program

Eagles for Eagles (E4E) is a student-initiated and student-led program within Eagle Ambassadors. Its purpose is to develop a supportive mentoring relationship between Upper School students and Middle School students. Every 7th-grade advisory has four Eagle Ambassadors that serve as mentors for their advisory, meeting with them, answering questions, and giving advice.

E4E’s began as a result of members of Eagle Ambassadors realizing how much support they were giving to their younger siblings transitioning to ESJ and how they wished they had had that support themselves. It sparked the question, “What if the new student is the oldest kid in their family and they don’t know an older kid that is already at Episcopal?” Eagle Ambassadors felt it was important Middle Schoolers had another student to talk to who could give them advice from a student perspective, not an adult perspective.

“Personally, I wish we had a program like this when I was in Middle School. Not only do the Middle School students receive helpful academic advice, but it gives them the chance to get to know a group of people in the Upper School. This provides a sense of comfort and common ground between Upper School and Middle School students,” said Eagle Ambassador Kolby Mullaney ’20.

Eagle Ambassadors will visit advisory one time a month to offer guidance, answer questions, and share their experiences to support success for Middle School students. Some of the information Eagle Ambassadors share may seem redundant but it is purposefully redundant. Students often hear this information from adults and the purpose is for it to be reinforced by their peers.

“It’s a great time for younger students to talk to the Upper Schoolers about problems they’re having in the classroom, especially when they feel uncomfortable sharing it with their full their advisory,” said Eagle Ambassador Anne-Charles Zimmer ’20.

“We believe these experiences will happen often and create a smoother, more successful Middle School experience for our seventh graders. Our hope is to utilize the power of positive peer guidance,” said Amy Gay, Associate Director of Admissions. “We want to highlight the benefit of a one-campus community. This program allows a leadership opportunity for older students and an opportunity for our younger students to experience positive growth through their relationships with peer mentors.”