AP Government Students Honored at Federal Court House

Emily Farmer’s AP Government classes recently participated in an essay contest held by The U.S. Middle District Court of Florida. Out of more than 100 essays submitted by area students, Mark Mori ’20 placed first. Ella George ’20 tied for third and Mabel Smith ’20 finished in the top ten. Students were honored at a ceremony at the Federal Courthouse today. All students received a cash prize and Mrs. Farmer’s classroom was awarded a $500 classroom grant.

The essays addressed the following topic: “The Founding Fathers created a ‘divided government’ by separating important powers among each of the three branches – executive, legislative, and judicial. To prevent any one branch from becoming too powerful, the Framers established a system of checks and balances. Some argue, however, the concepts of separation of powers and checks and balances undermine the government’s ability to swiftly and decisively respond to problems facing the nation. Identify a historical or current event that exemplifies the concepts of separation of powers and checks and balances. Drawing on primary sources, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a ‘divided government.'”