Christmas Chapel Includes Pageant  and "Chrismons" Tree

Episcopal celebrated Christmas in Chapel today, including a pageant, scripture trivia, and decorating a special “Chrismons” tree. Sixth graders and theological arts students, grades 11-12, performed “A Traditionally Untraditional Christmas Pageant.”

The pageant included sixth graders as angels, shepherds, the innkeeper, the star, and wise men, as well as Mary and Joseph. The pageant theme recognized that the traditional Christmas pageant is really not straight out of Luke’s gospel. It is an amalgamation of books of the Bible and long held beliefs that have led to our modern understanding of the nativity. However, combining Christmas story from Luke Chapter 2 with other Gospel stories and with other traditional understandings does not change the meaning of Christmas.

Mary Woodward ’21, delivered a well crafted sermon about the meaning of Christmas: on that first Christmas, God came to dwell among us. Love came into a broken and desperate world in the form of a baby boy.

Representatives from each advisory came up to decorate the tree with Chrismons — Christmas decorations with a Christian meaning. Chrismons adorning the tree included stars, a cross, the star of David, a shepherd’s staff, a dove, and many other spiritual symbols.

“As our culture continues to secularize one of the holiest seasons of the Christian year, it is important for us to hear the Christmas story anew each year,” said The Rev. Teresa Seagle, School Chaplain. “We celebrate the Nativity in Chapel rejoicing that God came to live among us, bringing love and light into the world.”