ESJ Science Fair Winners

Students in the Honors Science Seminar presented their science projects to judges at the School Science Fair on January 21-23 in the Berg Gallery of the Munnerlyn Center.

“The judges were impressed with the students’ creativity, scientific thinking and critical thinking,” said Marion Zeiner, Director of Scientific Research. “The projects were complex, novel and pertinent to the problems that face society today.”

Based and the extraordinary quality of the projects, the judges chose two first place winners in both the biological sciences and the physical sciences.

Ashton Body and Sally Barksdale both were first place winners in biology, and Julia Kagiliery and Jordan Harrow were first place winners in the physical sciences.

All members of the Honors Science Seminar will present their projects at the Northeast Florida Regional Science Fair February 9-11.

Senior Biological Honorable Mention Audrey Franken – cherry juice on the energy of fruit flies
  Honorable Mention Erin Shay – sunscreen on planaria
  Honorable Mention William Volen – tick responses
  Third Place Cole Nigro – zinc phytoremediation in lettuce
  Second Place Ariel Largen – antibacterial substances
First Place Sally Barksdale  – immune response to cancer treatments
First Place Ashton Body – targeted drug delivery for drug-resistant cancer
Senior Physical Honorable Mention Kaya Olszewski – Kinetic energy for bone stimulators
  Third Place Braden Witkovich- Water electrolysis
  Third Place Miranda Doro – Removing microplastic with ferrofluids
  Second Place Spencer Huie – Reduction of CO2 in oceans
  First Place Jordan Harrow – Pesticide resistance in Daphnia
  First Place Julia Kagiliery – determination of sulfur content in lignite coal