Two Will Represent Florida at National Science Competition 

Congratulations to Sally Barksdale ’21 (first) and Julia Kagiliery ’21 (second) for their awards at the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) at the University of Florida yesterday.

The students presented their projects to an audience of their peers and a panel of UF researchers, who selected them as the top student speakers from the State of Florida. Sally and Julia will now represent the state at the National JSHS in April in Virginia.

Sally investigated the response of the immune system to cancer treatments at the Mayo Clinic. Julia worked in mines in North Dakota and research labs at Texas Tech to develop an efficient and less expensive method to determine the sulfur content in lignite coal. Both girls have been students in the Honors Science Seminar for two years.

JSHS is a collaborative effort with the research arm of the Department of Defense and administered in cooperation with nationwide colleges and universities.

“With only two students from each state selected to compete in the national speaker competition, it is a distinct honor that both Florida students attend the same school,” said Marion Zeiner, ESJ Director of Scientific Research.