Prayer, Scripture, and Other Resources


Click the link above for prayer resources 

  • Chaplains will pray each day for our community and the world
    • Please contact a chaplain to add prayer requests
  • Updated regularly


Click the link above for scripture resources 

  • What does the Bible say?  Find scripture relevant to our lives today
  • Updated regularly


Click the link above for other  resources 

  • Find other resources including videos, blogs, poems and other literature, and other links 
  • Updated regularly


Click the link above for a weekly Bible study

  • A new Bible study will be available every Wednesday
  • Everyone is welcome to use this resource (students, faculty, staff, parents, and families)
  • Those who would like to study the Bible in community will be able to do every Wednesday at 11:45 am
    • Bible studies will last 10-15 minutes
    • Use this link to join the Bible study on Wednesday  at 11:45am
  • The Bible study may be used anytime independently
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