Caitlin Fitzpatrick Nominated for The Guardian Award by Luke Brunell '20

At Senior Honors Convocation and Baccalaureate on May 22, English instructor Caitlin Fitzpatrick was named the 2020 Guardian Award winner. Ms. Fitzpatrick was nominated by Luke Brunell ’20.

In his nomination of Ms. Fitzpatrick, Luke wrote: “She’s engaging, inspirational and genuinely invested in her students in the classroom and beyond. Her class is by far my favorite, and I often find myself checking in with her for advice and direction for other classes and for navigating life as a teenager. She taught us more than just what we needed to get our grades; she wanted us to think, understand and explore what we learned. Looking back early into my high school days I couldn’t imagine a high school boy ever being passionate about writing. I had always struggled with some learning disabilities but my Guardian found remarkable ways to engage me and my peers. Since day one she has been inspiring me to do more than what’s assigned. Despite my reluctant attitude at first, she kept pushing me. Eventually she helped me find affection in writing. I found that I have stories to tell and I actually look forward to creating them. It’s hard to come by a teacher that isn’t just there for you when your grade is in the balance. She is the most committed teacher to her students in and out of the classroom. She goes beyond support for English and celebrates us as athletes, musicians, actors and beyond. I can distinctly remember seeing my Guardian watching our football games from the same seat every week. She’s always there for any of her students, from checking my history papers to listening to me complain about ACT prep. She’s the kind of mentor that wants to help her students reach their potential and is a source of encouragement and wisdom to all.”

Ms. Fitzpatrick joined the Episcopal community in 2017.

The Guardian Award was established in 1999 by Mr. and Mrs. William L. Dahl. Seniors are given the opportunity to write an essay about a faculty member who has been a role model for them during their years at Episcopal and has helped them understand how important these guardians are. The senior who writes the winning nomination receives a $1,500.00 college scholarship and the Guardian Award recipient also receives a $1,500 cash award.