Video: Fine Arts Faculty Present Awards

Fine Arts faculty presented department awards this year in person. View the video they created instead of holding the annual fine arts awards and induction night, previously scheduled for May 7. Congratulations to all the recipients!

Excellence in Middle School Visual Art - Sarah Barringer '24
Honors in Ceramics - Kolby Mullaney '20
Honors in Draw Paint Print - Lauren Conners '20
Excellence in Middle School Performing Arts - Myla Turner '24
Honors in Dance - Brooke Baldwin '20
Honors in Chorus - Jenny Chen '20
International Thespian Award - Anne-Charles Zimmer '20
Honors in Technical Theatre - Nandini Tandon '20
Fine Arts Ambassador Award - Morgan Chupp '20
Tri-M Music Honors Award - Bridget Coscia
Honors in Theatre Arts -Naiya Cheanvechai '20
National Art Honor Society Award - Abby Beaver '21
National Honor Society of Dance Award - Alivia Waters '21
Honors in Photography - Nandini Tandon '20
John Philips Sousa Award - Thomas Brumback '20