Episcopal Fund Donations Exceed Goal, Thank You!

Episcopal received more than $838,000 in unrestricted support this year for The Episcopal Fund. Parent participation ended at 98%, placing Episcopal among a handful of schools in the national with such high parent support. Episcopal sends a sincere thank you to each of our 1,404 donors who helped make this possible, as well as our volunteer leadership team for their enthusiasm and service.

Thank you to the following volunteers:

Lauren and Mike Barker
Renee and Abe Bateh
Shannon and Ed Bisher
Carina Santalucia and Kevin Blalock
Tamara and Jeff Bogan
Katie Long Borghese ’97 and Skip Borghese
Andrea Boyd
Ashley and Andy Carroll
Shelly and Mike Cavendish
Shannon Chaffin
Stephanie and Mark Chesser
Meg and Charles Commander
Shannon and Matt Connell
Sarah and J.J. Conners
Tanya Coomes
Erica and Justin D’Arienzo
deAnne and Chris DeLeon
Susannah Clarke Doherty ’89 and Jim Doherty
Anna and Jon Farrin
Heather and Lou Fouts
Andrea and Drew Frick
Tabitha and Hal Gatewood
Annie Hughes Goldfield ’86 and David Goldfield
Kim and Dan Goodman
Darlene and Wycke Hampton ’84
Cindy Harris and Scott McMillian
Sunny Turner Hartigan ’88 and Joseph Hartigan
Laura Leigh and Andy Haynes
Cara and Michael Hillyard
Tammy and Linnen Hodo
Deanna and Greg Holland
Frances Poitevent Hutto ’88 and Mark Hutto
Nandita and Kevin Jones
Karin and Scott Linn
Allison and Joel Luker
Amy Foerster Lyerly ’84 and John Lyerly ’86
Rhonda Campbell-Mann
Kim and Kadir Mansur
Ingrid and Peter McCawley
Julie and Bill McLaurine
Kat and Nathan Miller ’88
Heather Rainey Moseley ’88 and Jim Moseley ’80
Lynne and Niels Murphy ’88
Kerri Cannon Napoleon ’94 and Nick Napoleon
Peggy and Dade Nigro
Carey and Brad Officer
Suni and Curtis Parks
Katherine and Chris Rabil
Raymur Walton Rachels ’85 and Phil Rachels
Candace and Ray Ravis
Carolyn and Gerald Reid
Emily and Patrick Rhodin
Natalie and Mark Rosenberg
Leigh and Barney Smith
Lisa and Stewart Taylor
Suzanne and Wade Taylor
Lori and Mike Trobaugh
Heather Smith Visali ’94
Avery and Taylor Williams
Langdon and Tom Zimmer

Alumni Class Reps:

Mary Tucker Fouraker ’71
Patty Anderson Ubbens ’71
Brad Berg ’72
Whitney Oren ’72
Craig Hamilton ’73
Alan Moore ’73
Becky Vodrey ’73
Skip Booth ’74
Lanier Drew ’76
Kristy Olson Miller ’76
Francine Andia Walker ’77
Alison Montgomery Bartz ’78
Cyndy Ira Reynolds ’78
Sherry Smith Hieb ’80
Whatley Law ’80
Jim Moseley ’80
Rick Alexander ’82
Cris Scott Tennant ’82
Jane Loop Pomar ’83
Chris Ferrell ’84
Raymur Walton Rachels ’85
Julie McFall Batson ’86
Annie Hughes Goldfield ’86
Laura Green ’86

Derek Gaff  ’87
Heather Rainey Moseley ’88
Shannon Shea ’89
Jennifer Stopiak Hayes ’90
Katherine Donahoo Nott ’90
Liza Barnett Emmet ’91
Darren Glenn ’91
Cristi Peterson Skeels ’91
Cara Freeman Bowyer ’92
Amy Burrows Perkins ’92
Mary Burke Baker ’93
Carmen Sacerio Chartrand ’93
Mary Lanier Cook ’94
Kerri Cannon Napoleon ’94
John Naugle ’94
Anne-Marie Forbes Hulsey ’95
Tiffany Kidd Post ’96
Brooks Fraleigh Cannon ’97
Nicole Clemons Lewis ’97
Charles Chunn ’98
Kyle McClung ’98
Julie Wiggins Sorenson ’98
Joe Murray ’99
Jorge Oliver ’99
Emily Humphries Wise ’99

William Milne ’00
Eddy Oliver ’00
Graham Riley ’00
Beth Anne Frost ’03
Baker Berg ’04
Leigh Elizabeth Black Israel ’05
Lesley Marchman Gittings ’06
Darren Zeigler ’06
Justin Davis ’07
Ashley Helmick ’07
Stacy Byrd Thomas ’07
Katharyn Smith Woods ’07
Peter Blumeyer ’08
Brad McCollum ’08
Corey Jackson ’09
Emily Lewis ’09
David Drew ’10
Lee Haramis ’10
Deanna Thornton ’10
Nick Walker ’10
Francesca Mantay Jones ’11
Mickey Simmons ’11
Keegan Ball ’12
Mac Shoemaker ’12
Tracy Thompson ’12

Mary Dudley Lee White ’12
Elizabeth Daw ’13
Caroline Oakley ’13
Cutler Renard ’13
Phoebe Stephens ’13
John Michael Currie ’14
Natalie Lewis ’14
Richie Mullaney ’14
Sid Yarlagadda ’14
Cori Jevic ’15
Lawrence Sims ’15
Collin Walker ’15
Laurel Lee ’16
Davis Cury ’17
Caroline Still ’17
Danielle Corbin ’18
Turner Riggs ’18
Emily Teems ’18
Xander Magevney ’19
Taryn Peterson ’19