Middle School Virtual Open House – September 10

Middle School Open House will be held virtually on Thursday, September 10.  This evening is a parent event and begins at 5:00 PM. Advisory will begin promptly at 5:00 PM and the evening will conclude at 6:55 PM. Parents will attend advisory followed by periods one through seven via Zoom. Your child will share a document that will include the Open House schedule, their class and teacher names, and Zoom links to each session.

Open House is a time for meeting your child’s teachers and hearing about the skills they will develop this year. If you feel there are issues or needs you wish to discuss, please reach out to your child’s advisor.

Please direct any COVID-19 or procedure-related questions to the appropriate Division Head so as to allow teachers to focus on students.

We look forward to gathering together virtually next week!

Virtual Open House FAQs

How do I get into the Zoom sessions?

Use the document shared by your child to access your Zoom links as we go through the class schedule during Middle School Open House.

Do I have to follow my child’s schedule?

Yes.  You need to follow the Open House bell schedule in order to ensure that you learn about your child’s class and not other classes taught by that teacher.

When will parents get into the Zoom sessions?

Teachers will be using waiting rooms just like they do for students and will admit you into the session. Please try to be on time, and above all, be patient.

How will you know the class has begun?

The teacher will let you into the Zoom session.

How long are the sessions?

10 minutes

Will there be time for questions?

It will vary by session.  Any questions not answered should be emailed to the individual teacher.

How will you know when the class is over?

Teachers are broadcasting on campus and the bells will be ringing to signify the end of the 10 minute sessions.

How much time do I have between Zoom class sessions?

There is a 5 minute break between classes, so you have plenty of time to arrive to your next class on time.

What if I wasn’t able to get into a Zoom session?

Email the teacher. They may have something to share with you.