2020-2021 Student Government Inducted

Students on the Munnerlyn Campus were inducted into Student Government last week in a special, socially distanced ceremony in the Munnerlyn.

Jake Murphy ’21, Student Body President, shared his goals for the year and the challenge of keeping school spirit alive even in the midst of a very different school year.

Megan Wickenden ’06, science instructor and Student Government & Spirit Coordinator, spoke about the teachable moments of 2020, and encouraged the students to remember that while we cannot choose our circumstances, we can choose our responses, and that as a community we have already shown that we can do that very well.

Natalie Herford, Head of Upper School, inducted the Class Officers and Cabinet members into office, welcomed them into the shared leadership of the school, and presented Jake with a ceremonial gavel.

This was the very first live streamed non-Chapel assembly for the campus.

2020-2021 Student Government Members

Student Government Cabinet:
President: Jake Murphy ’21
Vice President: Ansley Walker ’22
Secretary: Chloe Simpson ’22

Senior Class Officers:
President: Isabella Wright
Vice President: John Goodman
Secretary: Jack Bogan
Senators: Jack Adams
Kami Eppley
Mike Horning
Anna Kate Smith

Junior Class Officers:
President: Lizzy Curran
Vice President: Grace Burhyte
Secretary: Wynn Waldrop
Senators: Lillian Bodin, Mary Emma Cook, Kenzie Glenn

Sophomore Class Officers:
President: Kate Adams
Vice President: Olivia Hobgood
Secretary: Ella Bisher
Senator: Cohen Chesser, Sofia Chokshi

Freshmen Class Officers:
President: Grace Putterman
Vice President: Katie Frick
Secretary: William Rosenberg
Senator: Ben Blatt