Beaches Campus Rolls Out Fine Arts Wheel

Through the collective partnership and collaboration between Katie Lebhar Black-Bowling ’95, Director of Fine Arts, and Jennifer Ketchum, Head of Lower School, Beaches Campus, the Beaches Campus successfully rolled out the Fine Arts Wheel for the 2020-2021 school year.

The collaboration across two campuses started as part of the merger discussion last year to enhance the Fine Arts program and to align the Fine Arts as one program. The Fine Arts Wheel has three components in which the three class sections rotate each trimester through theater, dance, and music.

The theatre program, directed by Weatherly Donald ’08, provides drama students the opportunity to enjoy popular games to enhance improvisational skills, record their own radio commercials and work on monologue performances. The dance program is led by Andrea Hagan and teaches various genres of dance. The music program is led by Cameron Strine and students gain exposure to Orff instrument instruction.  The Fine Arts wheel rolled out to students in grades five and six on the Beaches Campus; however, the program will extend into after school offerings for some of the younger students.