Honor and Discipline Councils Inducted

The 2020-2021 Discipline and Honor Council member inductions took place this week in a special ceremony in the Munnerlyn. Twelve members each from each council were inducted by Natalie Herford, Head of Upper School. All members vowed to have the courage to make tough decisions, show compassion, and be a positive role model for their peers. Both council presidents were given the opportunity to speak to their peers.

Jordan Harrow ’21, President of the Honor Council, spoke about the school’s Honor System and the importance of personal accountability and one’s integrity.

“If each and every one of us does our part and lives by the honor system, then our school will become much more of a united, trusting, and respectful place,,” said Jordan. “It’s not always the easiest choice to live by the honor system, but we have a responsibility to do so, not only for ourselves but for the sake of our entire community.”

Don Kohla ’21, President of the Discipline Council, spoke about how he defines discipline: “It isn’t just punishments and consequences. To be disciplined means considering the repercussions of a choice or action before it’s made.” He encouraged students to self-reflect and “think before you commit to action.” In Don’s final statement, he challenged the community, “be someone today, make choices today, create a community today, that your present and future self can be proud of.”