HSW Event Includes Diversity Education by OneJax

Middle and Upper School students participated in Diversity Education as part of the school’s Health, Safety, and Well-Being (HSW) program today. The program was presented by Deidre Lane from OneJax (OneJax is an interfaith organization dedicated to achieving civility, understanding and respect for all peoples). OneJax previously hosted ESJ’s Civil Discourse HSW event and an in-person Metrotown-in-a-Day event for a small group of ESJ students. 

The 45 minute Zoom session for all sixth through twelfth students included:

  • An identity-based activity that students completed individually on a provided handout
  • An iceberg activity where students individually noted how much of their identity is visible, and how much exists below the surface
  • An affirmation activity where students shared a piece of yarn with someone as they share something they learned about or appreciate about that peer

Objectives for students upon completion were:

    • examine the definition of stereotyping, prejudice and racism 
    • define the dimensions of diversity
    • understand and appreciate all types of diversity
    • be able to communicate and discuss lessons learned and feelings about racism, prejudice, discrimination, diversity, etc.  

Students also were reminded of the Community Norms that apply to this session for a healthy and safe discussion.