Three Attend HOBY (Hugh O’Brien Youth) Leadership State Conference

The HOBY (Hugh O’Brien Youth) Leadership State Conference brought an opportunity for developing leadership and communication skills for three juniors: Taye Revels, Caroline Skipper and Mary Tiller.

Due to COVID-19 the conference was moved from in person to online. All three students quickly realized that participating online in no way diminished their experience.

“The process was intimidating at first…I learned about issues in other parts of Florida and was able to collaborate with others on how to fix the problems…the experience made me reflect on myself and how I can influence others back at Episcopal,” said Taye.

“I was able to find my voice among people I had never met before. The outstanding leadership at HOBY helped me to realize what I am capable of imagining, as well as doing,” said Caroline Skipper.

“My group had in depth discussion about topics that our society has faced over the decades. In these discussions, we were taught how to converse, agree, disagree, and build on and with each other in a way that allowed everyone to express themselves while also leading the conversation in a progressive direction,” shared Mary.

Leadership conferences such as this one give students the ability to expand and grow skills they have already been taught on campus. The lessons learned from this unique experience helps create stronger leaders for our community.