Episcopal Provides Election Support for Faculty, Students

Episcopal recognizes that following Tuesday’s election, all of ESJ’s faculty and staff, as well as many students on the Munnerlyn campus, will be impacted by the election and the school must be in a position to support them. Faculty and staff on all three campuses have been provided with helpful information regarding selfcare, creating a safe classroom space, setting standards for students, and managing the impact of social media.

Before students arrive on the Munnerlyn Campus Wednesday morning, faculty and staff are encouraged to gather outside for breakfast and fellowship at the Flag Plaza. Faculty and staff will then have the opportunity to listen to a message from one of ESJ’s school chaplains and participate in discussion.

For grades six through 12, the Munnerlyn campus will begin the academic day with advisory at 9:10 a.m. In advisory, faculty will provide students with any resources they may need and begin the day facilitating discussions to ensure a caring environment on campus.  

“We are blessed to be part of a community that values each and everyone of its members and seeks to understand each other while recognizing that we have a personal responsibility to the community to embrace its values and support each other,” said Keesy Goebertus, Associate Head of School. “Our message to everyone on our campuses is: This community cares about you and will care for you. If you need ideas or additional support, we are encouraging you to ask for it.”

In advisory, faculty will review ESJ’s community norms, reaffirm the values inherent in those commitments—such as respecting each other’s identities—and review them as a group. Students will be reminded that those community norms will not have changed. Finally, each student will be reminded that faculty value their learning and their lived experience, and that Student Services, Chaplains, and other trusted adults are available to them on campus if they need to talk.

Episcopal Community Norms

Seek to understand  

Speak from the “I” perspective 

Listen with an open mind 

View the authenticity of others as a gift  

Be respectful (honor the humanity of others) 

Withhold judgment 

Embrace discomfort and disagreement  

Discuss issues, not individuals 

Be concise and direct 

Practice confidentiality 

Expect/Accept non-closure


Chaplain’s Prayer

O God, the king eternal, source of all wisdom, fountain of infinite mercy and love: today many people visit the polls to cast their votes, and many people have voted already. Others are unable to vote and yet cry out for their voices to be heard. Help us all to hear those voices, and guide this nation as we elect leaders to represent your people at all levels of government, that our governing bodies may seek peace, justice, and the safety and wellbeing of all your children. Regardless of whether we agree with one another, help us to see each other today and always as fellow citizens and, more importantly, as siblings of one another by virtue of being made in your image and likeness. In all that we say and all that we do, help us, encourage us, and direct us above all else to work for peace and to respect the dignity of every human being. We ask these things in your most holy name and to your honor and glory. Amen. God’s peace be always with you.