ESJ College Counselors Advising University Admissions Committees

ESJ College Counselors are currently serving on four different university college admissions advisory boards.  These boards meet to review the admissions process for each individual university, and to offer suggestions for improvement.  Additionally, the boards offer opportunities for our counselors to get to know the admissions Deans and Directors at these colleges, as well as learn best practices from other high school college counselors serving with them.  

Ryan Riggs, Director of College Counseling, is on the admissions advisory board at Furman University, Andrea Rizzi, Associated Director, at Samford University, and Julie Carter, Associate Director, at both the University of Georgia and Florida Southern University.

While these board meetings used to occur live and in person on that university’s campus, they have all switched to remote meetings via Zoom.  

“It’s an honor for all three of us to serve on these different advisory boards.  We feel that it’s a great opportunity for our school and our students, as we get to conduct deep dives into the admissions process with professionals from all over the country,” said Ryan Riggs.