Gratitude Grows!

November 13 is World Kindness Day. If psychologist Dr. Wendy Dickinson is right that “What you focus on grows,” imagine the impact a day or a week of kindness could have on our world, on our nation, and on each of us individually? Showing gratitude is a form of kindness, and the ideas shared here may help you find ways to help our community focus on and foster gratitude.

The rest of Dr. Dickinson’s message on Gratitude continues here as an optional read. This week Faculty and Advisors received tips and suggestions on cultivating gratitude on campus, and we want to encourage families to foster an attitude of gratitude as well.

Munnerlyn Campus Art teacher Michelle Krueger designed an amazing Thank You card. Cards are available on all three campuses for faculty, staff, and students, and can be colored and then shared with friends, teachers, family members, etc. See below for a version you can use to print and create a card. Who would love to receive a thank you note from you? You can even write one to yourself!

Sharing your gratitude with others rewires your brain to notice what is good in the world. Post your moment of gratitude to social media and remember to include us with #ESJ so we can grow that gratitude even more.

Happy almost Thanksgiving,

Amy Burrows Perkins ‘92
Director of Student Services