Humanities, Statistics Students Present Polling Projects

Students in three classes, AP U.S. Government & Politics, AP Statistics, and AP Psychology, recently participated in a project focused on polling which they then presented via live stream to the ESJ community the first week in November.

“We believe this project helps students understand the process for polling, the ways in which it errs, and the trends it can reveal,” said Emily Farmer, Upper School history teacher.

Each student group chose a topic, had it approved, decided on a stratification variable and the appropriate sampling method, used consent for all survey participants, and then presented their findings. The groups polled the ESJ community.

The videos with their final projects are online:

ESJ Humanities Public Opinion Poll Presentation #1:
(Topics: Felon Voting, Supreme Court, Death Penalty, Abortion, National Anthem & Kneeling)
ESJ Humanities Public Opinion Poll Presentation #2:
(Topics: Immigration, Presidential Age Limit, Mask Mandate, Transgender Athletes, President Trump & COVID)