Students Receive Head of School Awards

The Head of School Award recognizes students in 5th & 6th grade who receive all A’s on their progress report each term. A special ceremony to present students with their certificates was pre-recorded and shared with parents. 

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding achievement:


6th Grade

Cora Nancy Anderson

Gavin Bransford

Emery Rae Duffy

Helen Tucker Eyrick

Mary Carol Eyrick

Aubrey Michael Fellows

Louisa Bentley Holyer

Alaïa Grace Lucie Jeannin

Jake Matthew Kovacocy

Max Joseph Kovacocy

Phillip Charles Luschen

Robert Patrick McAfee

Marley Elizabeth Moret

William Simpson Rachels


5th Grade 

William Earl Adams III

William Davis Baggett

John Rocco Falconetti

Brady Ascher Moret

Lucy Bedingfield Perkins