HSW Event Celebrates Joy

Students participated in a Health, Safety, and Well-Being (HSW) event last week that focused on Joy as part of this year’s HSW theme of Respect the Dignity of Every Human Being. The first event focused on Gratitude. For Joy, a campus-wide Kahoot (Q&A competition) was held, advisory discussion, and created short films that explored how members of the advisory seek and find joy. A Bag of Joy, filled with joke cards, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and other treats, was given to each advisory for students to enjoy.

“Joy was an important theme for our event, especially since our last event focused on gratitude. Students explored what brings them joy, how they can cultivate joy for themselves, and how to share it with others,” said Amy Burrows Perkins ’92, Director of Student Services. “At a time when so much feels out of control, it is important for us to pause and recognize the opportunity we have to impact how we feel. Welcoming joy felt celebratory, and we have pictures, videos, sidewalk chalk messages and bubbles all over campus to as evidence of all the joy expressed today.”