St. Mark’s Campus Fly-Up Schedule (Friday)

Friday, January 22

Fly-Ups are a special time when students have an opportunity to preview the next grade and see all the exciting things that await them.

During this special time, parents will also be given a glimpse of the next grade level through a live look into the classroom.

Please make plans to join us via Zoom for the day and time your child(ren)’s class will be flying up.


Friday, January 22:

8:45-9:15: Pre-K 3 Jones flying up to Pre-K 4

9:15-9:45: Pre-K 3 Barnes flying up to Pre-K 4

10:30-11:00: 1st grade flying up to 2nd grade

11:00-11:30: Kindergarten flying up to 1st grade

11:00-11:30: 2nd grade flying up to 3rd grade


Zoom links were sent via email (from Kelly Risdon) Wednesday, January 20.