Students Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

During the weeks leading up to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, students across the St. Mark’s Campus engaged in discussions, stories, and projects to honor Dr. King. In second grade, students participated in a directed drawing of MLK and also read the book “”Martin’s Big Words.” Pictures of their drawings can be found here. Students then shared their thoughts of what resonated with them and touched their hearts: 

Martin said “love,” when others said “hate.”

He said “together” when others said “separate.”

He said “peace” when others said “war.” 

In first grade students participated in class discussions with thoughtful questions and insight. To reinforce what they learned, students participated in a multi-step artwork piece. They also meticulously illustrated portraits of Dr. King and helped compose and recite a script for a special project. Please enjoy this video showcasing the St. Mark’s Campus first graders’ knowledge and artwork to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.!