Student Art Displayed In Local Businesses

For more than 20 years, the St. Mark’s Campus art department has partnered with local businesses to display artwork of students in their lobbies, restaurants, and offices through the “Art In The City” program. The program has been a great way to bring awareness to our school and recognize the incredible artwork of our students. In addition, businesses are always grateful for the opportunity to showcase these colorful, unique masterpieces. 

Art teacher, Bebe Alexander, recently updated some of the St. Mark’s Campus “Art In The City”. The next time you visit one of the following businesses, be sure to pay attention to the art on the walls. You may recognize a few of the artists!

Goal Post Restaurant

Ford M.

Matthew M.

Oliver D. 

Evie L.

Madison S. 

Gray C. 

Fox R.


The Brick Restaurant

CeCe S.

Anna Maddox M.

Sam B. 

McKenzie S.


Jacksonville Pediatrics

Sara B. 

Fore H.

Natalie B.

Cooper J. 

Sadie D.

Monett P.


La Cena Restaurant

Eve S.

Joshua O.

Mason V.

Kate S. 

Paige M. 

Huck T.

Ann Marie L.

Eloise S.

Isabella B.

Claire H.

Rex M.

Ruthie E.

Louis J.

Court C.