Ortega River Run Training Awards Presented

During the weeks leading up to the Ascension St. Vincent’s Ortega River Run, Coach Holly and Coach Cherry worked with students in Kindergarten through Grade 6 to prepare them for the 1- and/or 5-mile race. Their training included running laps, drills, and other activities but, most importantly, they encouraged perseverance and good sportsmanship.

Congratulations to the following students who were recognized by Coach Holly and Coach Cherry for the following awards. You can view the video of the awards presentation here.

K-1st grade
Fastest Time:  Lauren Stroud
MVP:  Ava McCullough
Honorable Mention:  Helena Baggett & Anna Beth Momberg
2nd – 3rd grade
Fastest Time:  Lula Kate Richards
MVP:  Jane Magevney
Honorable Mention: Paige Marousky & Ann Marie Longmire
4th – 6th grade
Fastest Time:  Hadley Surface
MVP:  Kailyn Ryals
Honorable Mention:  Avery Joyner & Holland McKinney
K – 1st grade
Fastest Time:  Court Cummings
MVP:  Aurik Krishnamurphy
Honorable Mention:  Axel Mauritz & Charlie Beard
2nd – 3rd grade
Fastest Time:  Easton Fanning
MVP:  Noah Crapps
Honorable Mention:  Louis Jeannin & Matthew Messink
4th – 6th grade
Fastest Time: Matias Dinzelbacher
MVP:  Aubrey Fellows
Honorable Mention:  Brady Moret & Adams Graham