Faculty and Staff Recognized for Years of Service

Faculty and Staff were recognized for years of service today at the end of year faculty and staff lunch for all three campuses.

5 Years

Ana Camille Abrahams
Lucia Allen
Michelle Baxter
Kathryn Bera
Claire Brandenburg
Jennie Busey
Sarah Chitwood
Kelli Chunn
Carolina Collins
Kim DeLong
Matt Flakus
Krista Grabher
Adam Greene
Wendell Hulsey
Ben Leer
AshleyAnn McGehee
Kelley Palmer
Claire Pulignano
Emily Sloan
Carolyn Tuttle
Lori Trobaugh

10 Years

Heather Johnson
Stephanie Schuster
Carla Shaw
Chip Stroud
Kate Wallis
Mark Zimmerman

15 Years

Susanne Dailey
Debbie Deppe
Brooks Gallagher
Cathy Kanaday
Leslie Sale
Jeff Silvernale
Anne Stuart
Anne Wiggins

20 Years

Katie Black-Bowling
Scott Jevic
Mary Krombach
Jake Nash
Sally Russo
Josephine Sanchez
Brenda Vermillion

25 Years

Ryan Riggs
Mike Rickey

30 Years

Steve Williams

35 Years

Mary Kathryn Smith

40 Years

Janet Buford
Candy Oberdorfer Edwards