Dear Parent, From a School Counselor: Talking to Your Kids About Back-to-School Uncertainty

by Amy Burrows Perkins ’92
Director of Student Services

As published on Jacksonville Mom, August 13, 2021

Planning the return to school this fall feels a little uncertain this year. It’s definitely not 2020, but many parents are still feeling a little less confident about the kids returning to school than they would like. For me personally, I know what I want school to look like for my children, and my kids know what they hope the experience will be for them.

What I want is to be able to look back (as in back in the past) at COVID and all of its protocols and impacts.

What my kids want more than anything is to be with their friends.

But there’s more to this than just what we want. Unfortunately, that’s just not where we are yet. The variant, its impact on individuals and our health care system, as well as decision-making about masks and vaccines are all proof that 2021 is still a year of COVID. We are all still facing a lot of uncertainty.

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