Four Reasons Why a Private High School May Be Right for Your Child

Private schools offer any number of specialized services to a wide variety of students from all walks of life. Some schools specialize in academics, others in the arts or sports, but they all share qualities that you won’t typically find in public schools. Here are four important reasons that may start you on a search for “private high schools near me.”


1)  Smaller class sizes

Almost all private high schools offer their students a much more personalized educational experience because their classes are smaller than what you would find in public schools. Not only are the individual classes smaller, but so are the number of students in each grade. Cohorts are better able to form deep and lasting bonds when there are fewer students. Students in private high schools will share classes with the same small group of friends through their four years.


2)  Highly qualified staff

Private high schools are able to attract top tier faculty and retain them for many years. Teachers and administrative staff are usually well-qualified and highly trained. The best private schools also invest in continuing education for every member of their teaching and administrative staff, so the latest teaching techniques are constantly being implemented.


3)  Well-rounded education

Private high schools are uniquely positioned to offer the most well-rounded educational opportunities to their students. They are able to focus on your child as a whole person – academics, sports, wellness, spirituality, faith and the arts can all be equally important. The best private high schools offer extensive extracurricular activities that range from everything from high-quality drama programs to community service projects.

When you are searching online for “private high schools near me,” ensure to look specifically at the core and optional programs that will be available to the students. Finding a school that has a large selection of interesting and engaging courses is essential to ensuring that your child has access to a well-rounded education.


4)  Parental involvement

Many private high schools encourage high amounts of parental involvement. Parental presence on campus helps students learn how to communicate in the adult world and offers another level of support for all students. Parental involvement may include hosting and attending events, fundraising, and supporting teachers. Before deciding on a school for your child, find out the extent of involvement expected from you to make sure it fits with your own expectations. Inquire about parental involvement as well when searching for “private high schools near me” to compare your options.

Finding the right high school for your child will help them to get on the successful path into adulthood. Private schools are not just great for class size, excellent staff, educational choices, or parental involvement; they also offer your child and your family the opportunity to form lasting friendships in a tight knit school community.


Why I chose a private high school near me

Parents want the best possible educational opportunities for their children. When you are considering whether private or public high school is the best choice, make sure you look closely at the specific private high schools in your area. A quick online search for “private high schools near me” will give you an idea of what types of options you have.