Coaching, Sports Classes Teach Practical Career Skills

There are many opportunities for personal growth in academic classes students can take to fulfill their PE requirement. Theory in Practice and Coaching is a semester long class offered to Upper School students that puts sports into a practical perspective. Students in this class, taught by Tracy Jester, Dean, learn to take inventory of equipment and uniforms, work on budgeting for programs and supplies, become CPR certified, and learn how to coach and improve their communication skills. 

“Students coach sixth grade students one day as part of their classwork, and then we talk about coaching philosophies,” said Tracy. “Their “soft” skills — people and management skills — are developed as they work with different students and learn how to become a successful coach.”

Sports Management is offered second semester as a companion course, and students dive into the business side of sports. Instruction includes facility management, liability and negligence, event planning, marketing, morals and ethics in leadership, and the administrative perspective of college or high school sports. 

“We’re providing students who are interested in sports opportunities for what may be a career path,” said Tracy. “They are also learning practical skills for any kind of employment they might pursue later, like budgeting, event planning, management, and ethics.”