First Health, Safety, and Well-Being Event Focuses on “Words Matter, You Matter, Community Matters” 

Munnerlyn Campus students participated in the first Health, Safety, Well-Being (HSW) event of the year on Thursday. The theme for the day was “Words Matter, You Matter, Community Matters.” Students participated in activities, conversation, and games with their advisories. Games reinforced the message of inclusion and encouraged taking actions to build up our ESJ community and included “Resource Relay,” “Inclusion Bucketball,” and “Builders and Bullies.” “Rocks,” “Ribbons,” and “Roll” were activities for advisories to complete together to remind students that little gestures go a long way to show that we care about and support each other. “The first HSW event of the year built on the school year’s theme. Conversations in Advisory incorporated messages from Chapel sermons and encouraged student reflection on empathy and belonging. Activities and games facilitated by student leaders reminded students how important even the smallest word or action may be in helping us all believe we belong in this community,” said Amy Burrows Perkins ’92, Director of Student Services. “This was a great kickoff to the school year and helps us understand our shared responsibility to lift each other up as one community.”