Private Vs Public Kindergarten – Which is the Best Choice for Your Little One?

As a parent, you have the responsibility of finding the best possible start for your child’s education. Finding the right kindergarten is especially important. The best kindergartens will give your child a great introduction into formal education and can set them on a positive path for the next 12 years. Many parents struggle between choosing “public or private kindergartens near me.” When considering each type of school, make sure that you look into the teachers, class sizes, and parental involvement in each to determine if it aligns with your values and your child’s needs.



Teachers in the public school system must have a base level of accreditation before they are allowed to teach. While this does not apply to private schools, many private schools are able to attract even more highly educated and skilled staff members. At Episcopal School of Jacksonville, we are proud that our teaching staff have outstanding academic backgrounds as well as a strong dedication to the well-being of our students.

When you are searching for “private kindergartens near me,” make sure you aren’t just looking at the teacher’s credentials, but also at how the teaching staff is supported by the school administration. Choose a school that encourages their teachers to participate in a variety of professional development opportunities as well as to pursue higher levels of education. Half of our faculty at Episcopal School of Jacksonville have graduate degrees and are teaching in their specialty. We’ve found that teachers who are always learning themselves make the best role models for their students.


Class Size

Depending on the school, whether it is private or public, class sizes can be drastically different. At Episcopal School of Jacksonville, our Pre-k 3 through first grade have an average class size of 10 students per class, so we can make sure each child gets proper attention and individualized support throughout the school year.

Typically, public schools tend to have larger class sizes and a higher ratio of children to staff. If a smaller class size is important to you, make sure that you inquire with each school when you’re searching for private kindergartens. Not all private kindergartens have small class sizes, but we value the individual support for students at our campuses.

The administration at Episcopal School of Jacksonville understands the importance of the right class size when it comes to your child’s educational and social well-being. Having an appropriate ratio of student-to-staff is important for impactful learning, and so is having a variety of students in the classroom to help develop social skills.


Parent Involvement

While some public schools welcome parent volunteers, it is not a strong part of the school culture. At private schools like Episcopal School of Jacksonville, parent involvement plays an important role in the overall well-being of our children. We value our parents, involve them in their children’s education, and help to facilitate meaningful volunteer opportunities. There is a lot of value for our children in having the opportunity to interact with their own parents as well as the parents of their classmates.


Finding The Best Private Kindergartens Near Me

For a well-rounded start to your child’s education, make sure you contact Episcopal School of Jacksonville when you are searching for “private kindergartens near me.” We offer a developmentally appropriate hands-on curriculum where our students are encouraged to develop a love of learning. We incorporate art, movement, music, library, computers, Spanish and Christian education into our kindergarten and early elementary programs. Episcopal School of Jacksonville offers everything you are looking for in a private kindergarten.