Shirley Gaviria Joins Beaches as New Spanish Teacher

The Beaches Campus is excited to welcome Senora Shirley Gaviria to expand its Spanish language program. Born and raised in Colombia, Spanish is her native language. Shirley began her career as a teacher in Colombia and continued teaching after relocating to the United States. Her specialty is in early education and elementary language development.

Senora Gaviria believes that any individual is capable of acquiring knowledge if it is presented in a fun way. She also believes that in our connected world, learning another language is very important. Learning a language enhances our knowledge and allows our students to become cross-cultural and competent adults who can handle the challenges of the global world. 

Senora Gaviria combines different language techniques, physical and intellectual exercises and gives children a fun experience with activities that makes learning a new language exciting. ESJ is currently working with Senora Shirley Gaviria and FALA Language Academy to align the Spanish curriculum across all three campuses. The addition of Spanish after school activities this fall has been well-received by students and parents on the Beaches Campus. Additional programming and activities are planned for the winter and spring seasons.