AP Environmental Science Tours Emerald Trail, Sugar Hill

AP Environmental Science students visited the city’s Sugar Hill neighborhood with Groundwork Jacksonville recently. Shanell Davis-Bryant, program manager, gave the group a tour of the Emerald Trail project at the S-line connector. Students walked the S-line Connector section of the trail and learned about the ecological designs incorporated in the redevelopment project. Students collected litter while learning about the Emerald Trail, walked the current path Hogan’s Creek while learning about the city’s encroachment into the wetlands that used to surround Hogan’s Creek, and the impact of urban development on watersheds and people. Students also read about and saw firsthand the significant history and cultural legacy of the Sugar Hill area.

“This hands-on experience is a great opportunity for students to learn firsthand about Jacksonville’s history, future development, and the impact human choices have on our natural surroundings and communities,” said Dave Wandel, AP Environmental Science instructor.