Charlotte’s Web Book Study Weaves Together Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, and Illustration

Salutations! Over several months, Ms. Pulignano’s first grade students engaged in a teacher-led read aloud on the children’s classic book Charlotte’s Web. Upon recent completion of the book, they did a deep dive, reflecting on its rich story elements and vocabulary. To demonstrate their comprehension, students completed a story web graphic organizer, favorite part writings, personal connection writings paired with one-of-a-kind illustrations. 

First graders also took on a brand new challenge this year of doing a multifaceted vocabulary project. They picked a vocabulary word from the story, defined it on their own using context clues, wrote a sentence of how it is used in the story, and illustrated the scene. Together, words like “salutations,” “sedentary,” “languishing,” and “humble” are now spun together to make a lovely web in front of Ms. Pulignano’s classroom. A “miracle” indeed!

To wrap up, first graders had the opportunity to watch the movie and discuss similarities and differences. They all agreed that the details and emotions elicited from the book surpassed those in the movie, even though they thoroughly enjoyed the movie as well! 

Ms. Pulignano shares, “I love how enthusiastic the kids have been about this sweet story. Charlotte’s Web has allowed us to discuss important topics, such as empathy, humility, perspectives, and true friendship. We have all truly formed deep bonds with the characters, which in turn has brought us even closer together as a class. I am so proud of this terrific and radiant bunch!”

This week, first graders have enjoyed showcasing and presenting their masterpieces to students and teachers all around campus.