St. Mark’s Campus Students Published in The Young American Poetry Digest

Five St. Mark’s Campus students were recently chosen to be published in The Young American Poetry Digest. Selections were made based on creativity, age-appropriate language, sensory/figurative images, structure, and poetic techniques. 

“Poetry is introduced to our students as young as age one through nursery rhymes,” said Bridgett Stroud, Learning Specialist, St. Mark’s Campus. “Students learn more about different types of poetry and their unique features as they grow and are exposed to rich language and vocabulary through our curriculum. We are proud of our students for applying what they have learned and for sharing their creative poetry with us all.” 


  • Lauren S. – First Grade
  • Leyli A. – Second Grade
  • J.J. T. –  Second Grade
  • Kate S. – Third Grade 
  • London S. Fifth Grade