Faculty Staff Years of Service Recognitions 2021-2022

Episcopal 2021-2022 Years of Service Anniversary Recognitions

5 Years of Service

Marti Baugh, Munnerlyn Faculty

Julie Carter, Munnerlyn Staff

Denise Cinnamond, Beaches Faculty

Irene Eskalis, Munnerlyn Staff

Ken Fete, Munnerlyn Staff

Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Munnerlyn Faculty 

Courtney Flerlage, Munnerlyn Faculty

Joanna Frost, Munnerlyn Staff

Greg Hersey, Munnerlyn Faculty

Jennifer Ketchum, Beaches Administration

Tom Lavelle, Munnerlyn Faculty & Staff

Arianne Leary, Munnerlyn Faculty

Justine Martin, Munnerlyn Staff

Jessica Michaud, St. Mark’s Faculty

Amy Perkins, Munnerlyn Staff

Patti Phillips, Munnerlyn Staff

David Schwei, Munnerlyn Faculty

Cameron Strine, Beaches Faculty

Elizabeth Williamson, Munnerlyn Faculty

10 Years of Service

Lisa Allen, Munnerlyn Staff

Mike Alton, Munnerlyn Faculty

Jennifer Beck, St. Mark’s Faculty

Patti Fink, Munnerlyn Staff

Natalie Herford, Munnerlyn Administration

Courtney McCaughey, Munnerlyn Staff

Elizabeth Momberg, St. Mark/s Faculty

Chad Senesac, Munnerlyn Faculty

Jody Tomaszewski, Beaches Faculty

Perry Walthour, Munnerlyn Faculty

David Wandel, Munnerlyn Faculty

Brandon Westerman, Munnerlyn Staff 

Jennifer Windley, Munnerlyn Staff 

15 Years of Service

Melody Harding, Beaches Faculty

Gretchen Henson, Beaches Faculty

Taylor Horne, Munnerlyn Faculty

Matthew Levenson, Munnerlyn Faculty

Jennie Rankin, Munnerlyn Faculty

20 Years of Service

Marianne Haferkamp, St. Mark’s Faculty

Tracy Jester, Munnerlyn Faculty & Staff

Mike Jones, Munnerlyn Faculty & Staff

Alex Nichols, Munnerlyn Faculty

25 Years of Service

Melissa Devers, Beaches Faculty & Staff

Christy Hodges, Munnerlyn Faculty & Staff

30 Years of Service

Florence Calhoun, Munnerlyn Administration