Updating Emergency Contacts and Authorized Pick-ups in My ESJ

Prior to the start of school, make sure to log into My ESJ and confirm that the correct individuals are designated as emergency contacts and authorized pick-ups for your child(ren).

Reviewing/Updating emergency contacts and authorized pick-ups:

  • Log into My ESJ
  • In the Parent Portal, click the Profile Updates button
  • Under Household Contacts, click on Contacts for (Your Child’s Name)
  • Review the contacts listed in that section. If a contact is designated as an emergency contacts or an authorized pick-up, your child’s name will be listed next to the fields marked “Emergency Contact For:” and “Pickup Authorization For:”. If they are not designated, those fields will say “No children”.
  • If a contact does not have the proper designation, click on the blue Edit button. Then in the proper field check/un-check the box next to the proper child’s. Then click Save.