The Board of Trustees establishes the philosophy, mission, and policies of the school, employs a Head of School to operate the School within those policies, and is responsible for the preservation and enhancement of the school's assets. All inquiries regarding the daily operation of the school are directed to the Head of School and his staff.

The Board of Trustees slates candidates and the Vestry of St. John's Cathedral in Jacksonville approves the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees consists of 24 members. The Dean of St. John's Cathedral is the Vice Chair of the Board.


Helen C. Rowan, Chair

The Very Reverend Katherine B. Moorehead, Vice Chair


Claudia Saenz Amlie ’87 (Secretary)

O. David. Barksdale '84

Beverly H. Bonaparte, Ph.D.

Stephen D. Busey (Chancellor)

Troy M. Davis ’93

Kelly A. Flanagan ’02 (Treasurer)

Heather W. Fouts

Michael J. Grebe

Paige Hakimian

Mark R. LaBorde ’84

The Honorable Donald Lester

R. Brian King

John B. Magevney ’89

Andrew K. McCain '80

The Very Rev. Katherine B. Moorehead (Vice-Chairman)

Helen C. Rowan (Chairman)

John C. Schmidt ’70

Sally Haskell Singletary ’86

William N. Steitz III

Carl E. Stoudemire III ’75

Stephen M. Suddath ’73

Kenneth D. Sweder

Arnold D. Tritt, Jr. ’81

Ryan J. Uitti

Theodora D. Walton

Sidney E. Wells ’91

The Right Rev. Samuel John Howard, Bishop of Florida, Ex-Officio

The Rev. Adam S. Greene, Ex-Officio

Heather Rainey Moseley ’88, Alumni Board/President, Ex-Officio

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