Social Media & Technology


ESJ’s Student Services Department has identified social media and technology as key contributors to student anxiety levels. Our teachers echo the sentiment and strive to incorporate technology in the classroom without losing connection to students and each other. We know technology is reaching students at younger and younger ages and it is important to include parents of children of all ages in these discussions. 

A 2020-2021 focus of our Health, Safety, and Well-Being program is to utilize the first part of a three-year grant received earlier this year from the Winston Family Foundation on Technology and Teenagers.

As part of this programming, ESJ has secured renowned social media safety speaker, Josh Ochs, founder of SmartSocial, to present to Episcopal parents (and students if age appropriate) in November, 2020.

Following the presentation, video content on SmartSocial’s website will be available for parents and students to view at their discretion. Videos include “Dangers Every Parent Should Know Before Giving their Student a Smartphone,” “YouTube App Parent Course,” “How to set up Twitter for a Positive Impact,” “Positive Internet Comment Etiquette for Kids,” and “5 Hottest Teen Apps: What Parents & Teachers Need to Know.” 

Parents are encouraged to review information on specific apps and watch the video titled “100+ Good & Bad Teen Social Media Apps.”