Our Four Pillars


Our Four Pillars

Episcopal is built on Four Pillars – Academics, Spiritual Life, Fine Arts, and Athletics -- which encourage personal development in every aspect of the lives of our students. The school's emphasis on balance among  these Four Pillars is unique in Northeast Florida. No other educational institution in the area offers the opportunities that exist here. On all of our campuses, students participate on an athletic team, participate in a form of visual or performing arts, and participate in Chapel and community service. Learning at Episcopal extends far beyond the classroom. 


Students are challenged to explore the depths of their intellectual curiosity and their own understanding. Elementary students discover the joy of learning in small classrooms with caring faculty. Upper and Middle School students are introduced to the Harkness method, may take honors and AP courses, participate in customized learning, and benefit from a student-centered class schedule. Episcopal is an academically rigorous environment supported by the best professional staff and faculty who annually receive the professional development necessary to bring best practices to their classrooms.

Spiritual Life

The Episcopal experience is framed by the understanding that spiritual growth is an essential part of personal growth. We require our students to think critically, accepting that knowledge of the world and knowledge of God are eternally intertwined. All members of the Episcopal community are expected to uphold and respect the dignity of every human being. Lower School students learn of God’s love for them, and how to show true compassion and kindness to others. Upper and Middle School students are involved in planning and leading Chapel through the Student Vestry and are active in Chapel services. All students serve others at school and in the community.  Community service is an opportunity for students to put their faith in action, serving the greater good with their individual gifts.

Fine Arts

Participating in the arts is an integral part of an Episcopal education. Fine Arts programs allow students to explore, develop, perform and share their talents under the guidance of faculty and staff. Younger students are encouraged to stretch their imaginations, and engage in creative thinking while participating in visual and performing arts enrichment classes and extracurriculars. Older students are exposed to curricular and extracurricular performing and visual arts taught on the Munnerlyn campus by faculty who are themselves professional artists.


Athletics at Episcopal strive to instill the tools necessary to succeed in athletics and in life, including dedication, leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork. Our Upper School teams annually compete for district, regional, and state championships. Additionally, our coaches provide the necessary training for those athletes who want to compete at the collegiate level. Each year, 20% of our senior athletes go on to compete at the collegiate level. A no-cut policy at the Middle School level provides younger students the opportunity to try different sports in an inclusive and supportive environment. P.E. is also offered as part of a thorough curriculum dedicated to ensuring students learn to make healthy choices for life. At the elementary levels, P.E. and extracurricular sports are provided for younger students to improve motor skills, work in teams and understand the rules of different sports.