Foundation Board

The Foundation Board is elected by Episcopal's Board of Trustees for the purpose of sustaining the school's endowment. The Board does this by providing opportunities for contributions and maintaining strong investment policies. The endowment serves as an important source of revenue for Episcopal to maintain vital operational needs and to support its mission. As Episcopal continues to live into its mission of providing an exceptional experience enveloped with Christian principles, the endowment nourishes this mission, allowing an infusion of revenue into areas that are institutionally important.


Robert M. Clements

George Egan

Michael Kelley

Stephen D. Moore, Jr.

John E. Sawyer IV

Kenneth D. Sweder, Chair

Helen C. Rowan, Board of Trustees Chair, Ex-Officio

Kelly Flanagan '02, Finance Committee Chair

The Reverend Adam S. Greene, Head of School, Ex-Officio