We nurture intellectual curiosity
to create lifelong learners.


At Episcopal, you are prepared for the kind of learning you’ll experience in college and beyond. Students are challenged to think critically and conceptually and explore their intellectual curiosity.

The school's faculty displays an outstanding academic background, excellent character, and dedication to the overall well-being of the students. Ongoing professional development and training opportunities, support for earning advanced degrees and a true passion for teaching in the most innovative ways sets our faculty apart. The faculty affirms the ultimate worth of each student to form healthy self-esteem and respect for others.

The Harkness Method, used in many humanities classrooms, is an established and cherished way of instruction which fosters students’ curiosity, initiative, creativity, intellectual and personal confidence, enthusiasm, authenticity, grit, and problem-solving. Students sit around a table and the teacher serves as a moderator for a lively discussion in which everyone participates. Students have equal opportunity to provide input and lead the class, allowing for healthy debate discussion and meaningful homework.

Small class sizes mean students are known as individuals; this facilitates helping students learn how they learn best, as well as allowing us to recommend individual courses of study that are specific to a student’s particular strengths, interests, and goals.  Academics are rigorous but faculty takes care to work with students both in and out of class in the pursuit of personal growth and success.

Episcopal classes authentically integrate the use of technology but they are not driven by technology for technology’s sake. Students become proficient in the use of scientific and graphing calculators, e-chats and e-forums, internet research, turnitin.com, and a variety of mobile device apps that are pertinent to individual disciplines.

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Honor Code

The Honor Code has existed at Episcopal since the school’s inception. As stated in the founding document of the school, “The Honor Code should not be a set of rules but rather a philosophy of personal and group honor and integrity.  Anything which is dishonest should be considered a violation of the Code, and the areas included would be lying, cheating, and stealing.” More than fifty years later, the Honor Code is still an integral part of how we understand ourselves as an educational community. All students, faculty, and staff of Episcopal all sign the Honor Code, supporting the values expressed in the school’s founding document.

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